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Clinical step by step making transfer tray for indirect bonding with EXACLEAR transparent silicone

Indirect bonding is a procedure which includes bonding of the brackets on the models, making transfer trays and bonding the brackets in the patient’s mouth. It is a procedure that can be done by a dental technician in laboratory with supervision of an orthodontist or it can be done in the orthodontic practice it doesn’t requires special technical skills or equipment. Indirect bonding has several advantages compared with direct bonding. The procedure is very accurate and precise since we do not have saliva and gums on the models, we can analyze and inspect the long axis of the teeth and confirm them with a panoramic. On the other hand less doctor time is needed with indirect bonding which reflects on the comfort of the patient and the doctors self-confidence. Since indirect bonding is more accurate less wire bending is needed during the treatment. Also the need for repositioning of the brackets is eliminated. Exaclear silicon is a material that perfectly matches the needs for indirect bonding procedure. 

By Dr. Aleksandra Podoleshova, North Macedonia

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